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25th March 2014

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RAINN has officially dismantled feminist rape culture hysteria. You people have no ground to stand on anymore. Your bullshit is over.

=.= What. The. Actual. Fuck. It is too early in my morning to deal with this bullshit. Since when the fuck are rapists excused because of rape culture. This is dumb. Just because some debaters in college abused the entire notion of rape culture for their arguments, does NOT mean the entire theory of rape culture is wrong and that people should stop being educated about it. I don`t know who you`ve been listening to, but I never thought for one damn second that “all men are rapists or are enabling rapists by encouraging them“

I just. I`m done. I tried to promote self-awareness and awareness of how the mainstream media often sends degrading messages. Now, somehow that`s been twisted into…whatever this is. I can`t…I can`t even process this information right now; my entire being is offended and putting up a mental wall to keep this shit from sinking in because I really cannot handle this right now I`m just. I`m going off tumblr for a while I need some space

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    I seriously could not agree with you more
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    Such bullshit, what sick fuck even came up with “rape culture”? Lies, Bullshit, disgusting….
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    Thank you. If you are for keeping people safe from attacks like this, trying to dismantle a movement that only teaches...
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    Gotta love how RAINN is the most trustworthy and cited source so long as it supports your statement. But the moment is...
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